Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ruskin's Works by Kelmscott Society Publishers

I was planning to put some final finish on Eliot's today, but I had to postpone it in order to instead work on two volumes of Ruskin's Works which need to be done by Saturday. As you can see, they need a re-hinge and corners repaired, then the spines back on. A simple job, but again, the spine leather's so brittle that I have to be careful when gluing it back on. If you are a bookbinder in the United States, you probably have seen these Kelmscott Society Publishers edition of books. The spine leather always tends to be brittle like a piece of tuile, and doesn't react well to dye. So, I won't be dyeing it, instead I'll use one of those special treatments to revive the original color. So far, I've finished the basic forwarding, (new end sheets and linen backing, and all.) and fixed corners. I talked about the invisible repair on corners previously, so I uploaded some pictures of that. I thought you might want to see the before and after pictures again, so here you go.  

//For the completed work of this volume, go to my latter post:   
Ruskin's Work's complete

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