Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holy Bible by Thomas Nelson & Sons.

"Bibles R us!" is what we say. We always have Bibles - big & small, old & new,  rare & standard, all kinds of Bibles. And, we get more Bible works around this time of the year - the Christmas season! So, here it is, another one. I just finished a 1953 edition of Thomas Nelson & Sons' standard Bible last night. It was a simple hardcover binding with burgundy cloth and imitation leather spine, which was obviously well used by the owner. The client wants a brand new full leather case with the owner's name stamped on the front cover. It's going to be a Christmas gift to the owner of the Bible. Restoring a Bible for your loved-ones for Christmas is the best gift anyone can give. I like working on Bibles because they always have a very deep history comes with them. Very personal and touching, no matter what kind of Bible it is. They always remind me of how fortunate I am to have a profession that lets me participate in and contribute myself to someone's life in a humble way. This feeling is priceless, really. Anyhow, regarding the restoration of this particular Bible, there's nothing technical to say about it except for a couple of small things. As you all know, the paper used in personal Bibles are extremely thin, and it tends to get crumbled and torn easily. Repairing the thin Bible paper requires a bit of a focus because the water based glue for mending paper might "melt away" the sensitive original paper when applied. I uploaded a before-and-after picture of a page I mended. You must be careful if you need to use an iron to straighten the surface after it gets dry. I don't really recommend the use of iron especially for large paper because each swath of heat applied will create inconsistent shrinkage to the grain of the paper, but it's alright for a small book like this one. Personal Bibles usually have something written on the endsheets (and any blank pages), and normally, the clients want to preserve them. For this Bible, both front and back endsheets had written notes which were heavily covered with scotch tapes. Thus, the original couldn't be saved. In cases like that, we make copies. This time, because they were basically simple hand written notes, I scanned and cleaned them up and printed them. Above are the partial pictures of the before/after. I loathe working on a computer, but hey, imagining a happy face of the recipient of my work keeps me going. My backache is worth it!

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