Thursday, July 12, 2012

Titus Lucretius Carus, 1683

This is Titus Lucretius Carus, His Six Books of Epicurean Philosophy, done into English verse, with notes, translated by T. Creech, printed for Thomas Sawbridge, Oxford. (3rd Ed., 1683) This book required a new spine which I re-hinged with leather that I dyed / mottled to match the original color & texture. The edges and the corners are restored as well as the original endsheets fully preserved. Also I sewed a new set of headbands with antiqued threads that I matched the original. I like working on a small book like this. The perfect size for my tiny hands. The client asked for a slipcase as well, so I made a simple one with a set of thumb notches. Based on what was left on the original spine, I could simulate the design on the new leather spine. But, as the top half of the original was missing, I couldn't know how the title was phrased, or whether it had a skiver. In a case like this, I google to see how other copies look like. Unfortunately, there wasn't a picture available anywhere. (I saw a second edition copy, but no picture of the spine, and obviously, it was rebound in half binding sometime ago anyway. Of no use.) So, I decided to simply put Titus's name without a skiver. The reason why I put his name instead of De Rerum Natura is the title page didn't mention it on this third edition copy, and universally, his name would represent the title of his work. And in 17th Century non-decorative bindings like this one often don't have a skiver, so I didn't. I just played it safe here. I hope the client approves my decision. Oh, since there aren't pictures of this title available on the internet, I added a picture of the title page here along with my usual before/after photos. Someone may find it useful.


  1. Now that you've fixed this book, you might want to read this one:
    I've just started it myself.

    1. Hi Audra,

      Wow, the book sounds really good!! I'll definitely get a copy! Thank you for letting me know about it! I'm excited!