Friday, December 16, 2011

Aristotle's Ethics & Politics (2nd edt. 1804)

This is a two-volume set of Aristotle's Ethics & Politics printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies (Second edition, 1804). They have beautifully aged leather covers with intricate gold embossing on the spines. Unfortunately, the spines cannot be saved as they are basically "dust" just barely hanging on the surface of the sewing and just the slightest touch causes them to fall off. As the edges of the covers are also like that, the client wants brand new leather cases for them. Although the client basically wants a set of simple leather cases with title embossed on the spine, these volumes deserve a bit more "bling*!*" that resembles the original bindings. So, I'm doing facsimile covers. First, I dye the leather to simulate a natural aging of a leather, and am going to do embossing on the spine as close to the original as possible. I'll be finishing them tonight. - OH!! By the way, a terrible thing happened last week..... I, the stupid, dropped a whole type cabinet drawer on the floor !!!!  You have no idea what a shock it was. The time around me completely stopped when it happened  and I could feel the blood draining from my brain !! If you are a bookbinder, the thought of this kind of thing happen is always in the back of our head, but it never happens. BUT IT DOES HAPPEN!!! I just proved it... The particular drawer contained a few sets of font types and sets of tiny ornaments in it.... I haven't dealt with the pile of types yet, (unable to face the reality....) but tonight, I have to dig through them to find small ornaments suited for these volumes... Ahhh!! What a nightmare !!

<---------- The mess I've been trying to ignore.... I put them in the backroom so that I don't have to think about them!!

// For the completed work of these volumes, go to my latter post : Aristotle's Ethics & Politics complete

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