Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Junius : Stat nominis umbra (1799)

This is 1799 edition of Junius : Stat nominis umbra printed by T. Bensley in two volumes. Though I forgot to blog about these volumes last night, I'm actually almost done restoring them already. I will post pictures of completed works later. I was taking "before" pictures of books I am to work on, and somehow, I didn't take many pictures of these particular books ... so, the only usable picture I could find was this one photo here - other few pictures I took were really blurred ... I'm not good at taking photos!!! Anyway, it was obvious that they’d been re-hinged previously . The spines you see here aren’t the originals. Though they both have broken on the hinges again, the gilding was done beautifully. I re-hinged them (OR should I say, Re-Re-hinged them!?), fixed the corners and treated the surfaces. I'm gonna put the finishing touches on them today and they’re done! I'll be working on The Last of the Mohicans later today. I've never handled The last of the Mohicans before, so I'm excited! // For the completed work of this book, go to my latter post: Junius : Stat nominis umbra, Complete 

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