Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Junius : Stat nominis umbra, Complete

Here are the pictures of the volumes that I finished last night. They came out alright. When the original leather is light colored like these, the frayed edges unavoidably get really dark with any moisture applied. So I had to be super careful about the amount of glue used. Still, it got a tad dark. Anyway, we often get books that have been restored before, and they are sometimes tricky to re-restore. - it depends on how well the previous bookbinder did his job. For these volumes, the former restoration was relatively well done, which resulted in the damaged parts to be "clean". So, it didn't give me too much headache. I got lazy after I completed these books last night, and started watching crime documentaries with a beer on hand, (I love crime documentaries!) so I didn't start working on The Last of the Mohicans, which is due in a few days.. but, the thing is, when I don't feel like working, I really shouldn't, for I won't do a good job. Good thing is, my master doesn't nag me about me taking a loooooooong break (or unexpectedly take a day off or something..) cuz he trusts me and knows I know what I'm doing, and I finish works on time. Ah, what a nice job I have. Lucky me! (you, yes you who are reading this right now must be envious! hohoho~)

// For before picture of these volumes, go to my former post:  Junius : Stat nominis umbra (1799)

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