Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Columbus & Columbia complete

The work's done, and its turned out fine. I hope the client's gonna be pleased. I usually get very attached to the books I restore, as if they were my babies! So, I keep a careful eye on my finished works that are waiting for their owners on the shelf. I don't want ANYONE to touch them till the clients come. Nobody's allowed to even move them a slightest bit, as there are reasons why I place them the way I do. IF the "rule" is broken, I'm gonna be mad !! So Watch out! The thing is, the bindery's tiny, and the space where we store completed books is limited. So of course, my master needs to squeeze his works in on the small shelf , and to do that, he often has to shift my works around a bit. Be careful if you need to touch my works, Master! I'll be really pissed if you don't place my works MY WAY!
// For before pictures of this book, go to my former post:
Columbus & Columbia by Historical Publishing Co. 

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