Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Last of the Mohicans complete

So the book is done, and I've made the dead line! Whew. (See this? Master! I always finish tasks on time!) Looks like I don't have any more rush jobs for this week, so I'm gonna be taking things easy. Oh, by the way, I asked one of master's interns (Ms. A) if she had something she wanted me to post here on my blog in terms of bookbinding instructions. She said she wanted to know how to sew headbands. She said she had read books about sewing headbands, but the written instruction was a bit confusing to her. So, maybe, I'll make a video demonstration of sewing headbands instead of explaining it in words. But first, I have to have a book to sew headbands on! So, probably I'll write or shoot a video about different methods of sewing books first. Well, I'm pretty spontaneous, so I can't promise you, Ms. A, whether I'll do it or not...         But, stay tuned!!

// For before pictures of this book, go to my former post: The Last of the Mohicans printed by James B. Lyon

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