Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Family Farm & Gardens & the Domestic Animals, 1859

Another of Mr. K's books here is The Family Farm & Gardens & the Domestic Animals by E.G. Storke, 1859. It was a simple external and internal rehinge job that didn't give me any problems. So, I restored it blind folded.                   just kidding, yo... I won't be able to make the repair invisible with eyes closed anyway! (In case you wonder about the invisibility, I took a picture of a close-up of a rehinge section.) Well, Mr. K's last book is gonna be done tonight, so I'll be posting it here soon.


  1. Well done, whether the cover is painted and varnished, and if so what? I have a similar book for repair but I do not know how to go about it.

    1. Hi,
      I do not "paint" nor apply varnish on old leather books.<---NEVER NEVER NEVER!. Any conservation bookbinders know better. :-) Every old leather is unique and reacts differently to whatever you try to do to it. So unless I see the actual book you are talking about, I can't really answer your question, strictly for the sake of the book. - I cannot be responsible, should whatever chemical I recommend ruin the book. Why don't you send me a couple of pictures of the book you are taking about to my e-mail so that I can give you more precise answer? Meanwhile, do NOT apply any oil, even if it's the museum dressing. Oiling old leather books being the way to go is a COMPLETE MYTH. It will NOT do good for books. Stay away from it especially when it comes to restoration.

  2. I learn as much from your replies to others as I do from your initial post sometimes and your reply about how to treat or not treat a leather cover is no exception. From time to time I am tempted to do something about one of my old leather books but have always just dusted it off and decided it wasn't bad enough to mess with. Now I know my inaction was a blessing in disguise. Thank you.

    P.S. I really like Mr K's books. I can see why he would want to be able to read them.