Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wood's Complete Natural History, 1898

Here's another book of Mr. K. This is Wood's Complete Natural History by Rev. J. G. Wood, published by Orange Judd Company in 1898. You'd think that this book just needed a new cover made, but actually, I had to completely re-sew this one because it was stapled. I've seen quite a few books that are put together by staples, and many of those have contents compiled in gathered signatures instead of loose sheets. Yet, somehow, the manufacturer didn't sew them at the end. Hummm, well, they must have saved a quarter of a cent by not sewing it, but why on earth did they spend money to create signatures that they didn't need? Maybe, the book block was a left over from other edition of the same book which was actually sewn? I don't know.... Anyhow, in case some people are curious about how they put the staples on this particular book, I took some pictures of them. You see, those "cheapen it" type people seemed to have pursued the least expensive way to staple such a thick book block. They stapled from the front & back slightly off to each other so that the staples on opposite sides don't meet. Anyway, I took it apart and resewed it. I was just gonna inlay the original cover graphics on the cover, but both front & back the original graphics had different pictures printed on their back sides, so I didn't wanna use them to inlay. - if I did, the graphics on the back will be forever gone. So, I scanned & printed them for the cover inlays, and kept the originals inside the book in clear plastic sheets that are sewn with the book. By doing this, it allows both sides of the graphics to be viewed.

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  1. Wow! I love the way you did this one. Thank you especially for sharing how you saved the graphics which normally would have been lost. An elegant solution and no doubt why Mr K doesn't feel he needs to give more instructions.