Saturday, March 3, 2012

Journal of John Comly, 1853

This is the other book of the client of An Universal Etymological English Dictionary. It's Journal of the Life and Religious Labours of John Comly, late of Byberry published by his children, published by T. E. Chapman (1853). It was missing the front and back boards, thus I made a new leather cover for it. The spine is facsimile, but I did a set of false raised cords instead of simple gold lines. I just thought it felt better that way. The leather's also dyed to look antique. The client has been informed through his delegate that the books are done. It's gonna be a week or so till he gets them. (Out of state client.) I heard that his former bookbinder wasn't available any more, thus he found us. I hope my works meet his expectations so that he'll use us again in the future. (**cross fingers**)

Oh, by the way, I found out last night that Mr. David Ishii has passed away on March 1st..... Ah, he had been the icon of booksellers in my region for over 30 years. When he closed his beloved bookstore several years ago, everyone was sad. But he seemed to be enjoying his retirement days. (Master came across him on the street a couple of times.) We all loved him. R.I.P. David..

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