Sunday, November 27, 2011

Used Bookstore District in Mexico City

Just a few blocks from Santo Domingo Catedral in Zocalo, or the city center square, is a street filled with only used and antiquarian bookstores. I went to Merida in Yucatan peninsula at the end of last month, and stopped by Mexico City on the way back to the States to experience the Day of the Dead. As a habit, I always look for bookstores where ever I go, but I didn't expect to find this "used bookstore district" in Mexico City. So it was a pleasant surprise. Most of the books they sell were in Spanish, (of course..) but some were in English. Stores were literally jam packed with books. Those unfortunate books that didn't make it to the shelves were all clumsily stacked up from the floor to the ceiling, with warning signs saying "No Tocar!" - don't touch. hahaha..So those unfortunate books were basically doomed to stay in the bookstore forever 'cause no one can take a look at them. Well, you know, Mexico City is sitting right on the earthquake fault and get the ground shaken often. So, I wish you luck if you were in one of those bookstores, should a quake happen. You'll be buried alive in the dusty old books, or worse yet, a gigantic Diccionario de Cocina might hit you in the head. Say Sayonara~~.

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