Monday, November 28, 2011

Restoration on Eliot's Works

My Master asked me to assist his work today, (For a fee, duhh!) so I haven't had a real progress on Eliot's. So far, I've finished making the new spine with a facsimile gold gilding as well as some repairs on corners. I knew the leather was gonna be a problem, but didn't really expect it to be this problematic. When I was putting a piece of leather to the tip of the damaged corners, the finish on the original leather around it started to crumble and it kept spreading even though I wasn't touching it at all. This happens sometimes, but it's rare. So, I guess all I'm going to do, in terms of corners, is to only cover the damaged part of the corner with new leather and dismiss the surface treatment on the repaired parts. Normally, I put a pigment and treatment on those repaired parts and damaged surfaces to make them look perfectly invisible, but for this book, I won't be able to do any sort of surface treatment. Well, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so not being able to make my work as perfect as possible kills me. Anyway, I'll upload some pictures of the corners I'm talking about later, but for now, I just got a picture of the spine I worked on today. I dyed the leather and did a gold gilding as close to the original as possible. It's ready for re-hinge. BUT I'm gonna have to fix it tomorrow 'cause I mistakenly put gold lines on where they are not supposed to be. (you can see them on the picture. Can you spot the difference!?) Damn, life sucks sometimes. Just like the weather here.

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