Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eliot's Works by A. L. Burt Co.

I'm just about to work on Middlemarch by George Eliot, or should I say by Mary A. Evans... yeah, things must've been tough back then as a female professional. I feel ya, Ms. Evans.. Anyway, this book came in about 4~5 months ago, and I finally have a chance to work on it. Our backlog's pretty good considering how bad people say the economy is. Well, looks like it's a straightforward job - re-hinging with a facsimile spine, and invisible repairs on the corners and internal re-hinging. Too bad that I'm not supposed to preserve and restore the original spine. Well, to do that, it's rather costly. Anyhow, it's relatively a simple job, but the only troublesome matter I see here is the kind of leather it has. This is one of those leathers that's flaky, and when I try to lift it up for re-hinge and all, it crumbles like a clay. Gotta be careful. And, because of that and the color of the leather, making the repair invisible might be tricky. Well, gotta get a bottle of beer and get my focus on.

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  1. Hi, Just watched your video on tape sewing on youtube. Thanks for that. I'm the owner of a Used bookshop (Eljay's in Pittsburg) and have been learning bookbinding over the last few months. Mostly sewing (coptic, cords, tapes). I'm very excited about the whole process. So it's nice to see the blog and associated videos. Just wanted you to know, the hard work to produce all this is appreciated.