Saturday, August 10, 2013

Homemade Beeswax !

I recently acquired a big chunk of honeycomb from a friend of mine after asking him to spare me some honey that he makes. (He's a beekeeper, painter, sculptor, tattooist, chocolatier, organic food maker, a building contractor, certified hemp crop grower (it's legal here.), a yoga instructor and soon to be a daddy. Amazingly, he does everything full time successfully.. Yeah, you go figure.. Don't try this in your country though,,, or you'll end up living on the street. Only in America, guys...) When I saw the honeycomb, I was at a loss of words, but soon realized that I could use the darn beeswax in the bindery! He told me how to separate the honey and beeswax, so I tried it. And here's the result! It sure looks usable, but I think it has a trivial amount of honey left in it that might be an issue for an actual use for my clients' property. So for now, I'm just keeping it aside and planning to test it in the future.
On the side note, I might travel to Germany next month with a renown bookbinder from New York. I may write about it when the plan actually solidifies. 


  1. Your friend is such a charming person!And I totally agree with you,in my country,this kind of person is not accepted .

    1. Yeah, he'd be labeled as a crazy person in my native country, too! hahaha He's just doing everything that he likes, and somehow manages to have a pretty decent living here. The fact that he's one of the happiest and the most fulfilled person I've ever known tells me that we all should just follow our heart and mustn't be afraid to step out side the box sometimes!