Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Holy Bible by M. Carey, 1815

This is an 1815 edition of Mathew Carey's King James Bible. (Not the so-called The Carey Bible with the Douay-Rheims translation.) The original cover was in a horrible shape, so the client wanted a new facsimile full leather binding for it. It's just a simple new binding work, but I decided to post this here because of the custom leather dyeing work I've done on this Bible.

Like many others since I started this blog, one of my dearest regular visitors of this blog, Huhu, inquired of me about my leather dyeing technique earlier this month. I haven't gotten a chance to respond to her via e-mail yet, but as I've always told everyone, what I can say is basically the same; I can't really explain my exact leather dyeing technique over the internet first of all. Every dyeing work I do is unique to the particular job I'm working on and every leather reacts differently to a different dye or chemical. So there isn't really a fixed text-book instruction I can give to anyone. All I can advise is to experiment with the medium that's available to you, and I just hope that people would see my works as a reference, in order to innovate their own unique techniques. :-)


  1. Wow,The book is simple and elegant!
    Thank you for posting it.
    I intend to experiment dying while waiting for your reply:)
    And I believe that practice is very very important.I have been made several full leather bound book these days,and gained experiences through these practices.

  2. agree with you, sometimes there is no shortcut to learn things, it needs to go through the process of trial by error and making mistakes. To be a bookbinder, you need to be very patient because the books are so fragile! Work hard and play hard la, book rescuer!