Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leather Clamshell Box & Folder

This is the job I had been working on for the last couple of weeks. They were done last week and have been picked up by the client already. The client had the original hand written musical notes of some of the world's famous composers, and he wanted archival leather clamshell box and folder made for each manuscript. Each document was only 2~3mm thick, (a few sheets of papers) so I had to add some extra thickness on the base. Anyway, the actual documents aren't in the boxes or folders on the pictures as the client took them with him. They are too priceless to leave with someone else! That really troubled me psychologically though. I mean, not having the actual content when making boxes got me nervous. We, bookbinders make things such as boxes thoroughly based on the content in terms of measurement and we use it during the process. Anyway, while I was making these clamshell and folders, somehow, I really got uneasy about the original measurement of the documents I took. The thought of "What if I mis-measured the documents!?!?" got me... (I even had a nightmare about the documents not fitting in my work!!!) So, I had to ask the client to bring the documents again for me to re-measure.. I just couldn't risk anything. (After all, the material had cost a fortune, let alone hours of my labor...) Anyway, though the actual documents aren't on the pictures, they were notes of Cole Porter (a collection of his songs), Jean Sibelius (Malinconia, 1900), Edward Elgar (Enigma Variations, 1898–1899), Franz Joseph Haydn (Qual Dubbio Ormai, 1764).

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  1. You did an awesome job and thank you for sharing something that is so unusual.