Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Basic construction of a book case

Response to a comment by BP on Sewing Headbands Session 2 :
So, your question was:
"I want to ask is how you make the front cover of the book and how to adjust the back of the book."
Well, if I got your question right, you are basically asking how a book cover is made. I just made a quick graphical instructions on how a basic book cover/case is constructed. (see the graphics on the left.) I hope they'll give you some ideas. 
I haven't made a tutorial video on case making yet as I'm pretty preoccupied with work at this moment, but I will start making videos again as soon as I get a chance. So stay tuned! And thanks for your kind words, BP!


  1. Hello again dear friend... How do you calculate the length of the spine section? You place the bound signatures in the middle vertically and measure something? i don't get it...

    1. As you see in the picture, the height of the spine strip is exactly the same as front and back boards.

  2. Hello MHR, I find your blog fascinating and helpful, thank you for taking the time to do it. I was wondering if the spine strip is made out of the same material as the front and back boards or just a piece of card stock? Furthermore, is there a particular method that works best for securing the page block to the book case?