Monday, January 16, 2012

Three children's books, complete

I've forgotten to post the completed works of these three books here. Like I said, they were simple new case jobs. I've included a picture of Five Little Peppers with the repaired rat damage section above. It really was kinda nasty though it doesn't look nasty now! According to the order instruction, I didn't need to inlay the original graphic of Honk-A-Tonk Takes a Trip on the front cover, but I did it anyway. (No extra charge, of course.) It just takes half an hour to do it, and I wanted it to look just like the original. Anyhow, we finally got snow here by the way, and it's freaking cold!! We don't get much snow here, so when it snows, people get really excited and start playing on the street and all. I don't get it. I mean, I'm from a country where it snows often. And if you really wanna know how I feel about snow, "Only kids and dogs dig it." is it... You see, when it snows heavily, traffic gets jammed, accidents happen, public transportation stops, and my butt gets frozen! What's so fun about that!?
// For before pictures of these books, go to my former post: Three Children's Books

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