Friday, October 27, 2017

Dresden Codex

Hellloooo everyone! Am baaaacckk!
And yes. I've been such a lazy slob in not paying attention to my blog all these months, and I suddenly realized it was already late October! - the realization came when I saw a bunch of kid-adults dressing as witches and Pres. Trump holding carved pumpkins. I wonder if Mr. Pres. is able to collect royalty paycheck every time someone buys his rubber masks or toilet paper rolls with his face printed on it, though I don't think he'd be interested in getting paid such a petty amount of money.

Anyway, before getting started on my next work, I decided to post one that I've finished last night. The client asked me to put a case on a manuscript that he printed and laminated by himself. It's Dresden Codex (C√≥dice de Dresde), the oldest surviving Mayan manuscript that dates back to 13~14th century. Such a cool project. As his printed manuscript was already folded in an accordion style, we decided to do an accordion binding and a limp leather case with a bone clasp. I don't think I've shown a work with bone clasps here before, so here it is. Bone clasps are normally used for boxes, but it can be used for a normal binding as well. Because this is supposed to be an old ancient manuscript, I suggested to use bark paper to give a feel of an antiquity, along with an earthy green leather that he chose. It's 21cm x 11cm approx., true to the original size. 

I've had a personal project like this that I started several years back. It's the Voynich Manuscript. I downloaded it off the internet, and started putting it together digitally, intending to print it out so as to do a facsimile binding. Well, it's been put aside all these years. Like I said, I'm just being a lazy slob yet again on this as well. Hit me!


  1. Welcome back! Wonderful work always.


  2. Hello MHR,

    Good to see you're back - I was beginning to wonder but by now you've taught us the force is strong with this one...! Great and neat work, as always.

    I'd like to ask you about something and was wondering if you'd kindly grant me an answer.
    Please check your email (I've used the address provided by your profile here) and if I've ended up in the bottomless pit of spams leave a message at mine.
    Hope to hear from you!

    As for the Voynich project, which I'm now itching to see I've got only one thing to say:
    (what? you said "hit me"!)