Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Box in A Box

This is just a simple, straightforward buckram clamshell box without any sort of gold tooling, (nothing fancy though it has a black silk moire lining. **) but it's got an another box inside. This is for The Holy Bible, published by American Bible Society in 1847 (5th edition). The client asked for an another container inside of the clamshell for family ephemera, so you see that I had to build extra walls to hold the box up. I didn't have to do that, but I wanted an extra protection for the Bible. By the way, I've noticed most clamshell boxes out there don't have four walls to perfectly secure the content. I don't know why... Well, if you are thinking of making a clamshell for your precious manuscripts, I'd recommend you to build a full wall (with the spine wall with an opening) all around the content so that the box is perfectly solid, and can withstand any damage from outside. Anyway, as for the restoration of this Bible, it's a new full leather facsimile binding with custom mottling. 

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