Thursday, May 3, 2012

Northfield High School Yearbook, 1927

School yearbooks are something that I really don't wanna open, unless someone asks me for a good laugh. You know, there's always someone whose picture makes you think, like, "WTF !?!" or " Damn,, it must suck to be you.." sorta thing, and my yearbook pictures definitely belong to the category. I have an unusually thick and tough hair for an Asian and when I was a kid, I really didn't take care of it so well. And because my mom kept it short throughout my childhood, my hair always looked like a mad scientist's after his lab got exploded. - The ultimate bad-hair-years was what it was. So, whenever we get yearbook restoration jobs here, I habitually look through the pages, looking for someone with whom I can commiserate! Anyway, aside from my bad habit of cynically checking out the photos, it's always interesting to see the styles and fashions of each era. This yearbook was published in 1927 for Northfield High School in Minnesota. People in there are all looking fabulous.. (I couldn't find a single "WTF!" picture.. Damn it! And for your information, people were all fit back then... Pre-fast food era....) Anyway, in terms of restoration, the client wanted a brand new leather case with the original front cover inlay-ed, and the book needed to be re-sewn. It was a simple job.

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