Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Saving the Legacy of My Beloved Master

Well, I'm very hesitant to post a thing like this on my blog as I created this blog strictly for recording of my works and spreading the world of bookbinding to the larger audience. As I've kept myself anonymous all these years, it also feels very awkward to reveal my identity here. But my dear friends told me I must use this platform to spread the cause.
My friends created a GoFundMe post for me a couple of days ago after seeing me deteriorate (!?!) physically and emotionally rather rapidly in recent days. Well, it is true that I am having the hardest time of my life at this moment, but I thought all I had to do was to get my sh*t together and deal with one issue at a time by myself. I just don't want to burden anyone with my own problems. But obviously, I'm not doing well, and it's now working. The obstacles that are facing me are larger than what I'm able to handle. Well, my situation is all explained on the post here....

I'm shocked and deeply humbled by this many people who have already helped me, and incredibly grateful for their generosity. I thank them from my heart, for their kindness. And if you feel that I'm worthy of your kindness and decided to support me, I thank you sincerely, in advance for your contribution. Thank you... 

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